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£13 drop in

£60 for a five class pass (valid for six months from purchase)

£110 for 10 class pass (valid for six months from purchase)

£80 for one month unlimited pass

£75 for auto-renewing monthly unlimited (one year contract)

Workshops and masterclasses - £20
Seasonal solstice workshops - £30

Pre/postnatal special - £60 for 6 class pass (valid for six months from purchase)

Kids yoga special - £45 for 4 class pass (valid for six months from purchase)

10% discount on class passes and workshops for students and concessions (ID required) 

Please see our cancellation policy for details of charges

Ashtanga Vinyasa: A more challenging class based on the Ashtanga style. Vinyasa flows create a grounding, strengthening practice.

Barre: Barre has been sweeping the nation and there’s no need to be a good dancer to join in. Classes are typically characterised by isometric movements – where you keep the rest of your body almost motionless and contract specific muscle groups. These tiny contractions may seem like a walk in the park, but they guarantee maximum burn and muscle toning! Attending for a few weeks will leave your body feeling stronger and leaner. The fusion of ballet, yoga and pilates will also help with improving overall balance, core strength and coordination. Class is split into three main areas; warm-up, tone-up and cool down accompanied by a great selection of music that will ensure you are dancing your way through the exercises.
Staying fit should be fun! We provide an inclusive environment open to all ages, body types and fitness levels.

Blended Vinyasa: Blended vinyasa encompasses influences from different styles of yoga - Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Forrest Yoga. Classes are developed around a specific theme or intent and Georgina draws from a collection of tools across the various styles to help create a holistic experience for the practitioner. Classes are open to all levels as modifications and options are given for different poses, although a basic understanding of yoga is beneficial. 

Core Strength Vinyasa: This style of yoga uses anatomy and biomechanics to bring you into safe, efficient and stable core-generated alignment. Core strength vinyasa simplifies the complex area of the core and helps to cultivate strength, flexibility, mindfulness and confidence. 

Fitness Pilates: Fitness Pilates is a challenging and enjoyable class that promotes a balanced body, good posture, mobility and flexibility, strength and endurance and balance and co-ordination. Fitness Pilates is more of a functional approach to the traditional Pilates class, it still applies the main principles of Pilates, such as breathing, centring, concentration, balance and control, but it also involves more movement for everyday life.

Flow and Restore: A combination of gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga, creating a perfect start to the weekend.

Gentle Flow: A slower paced class which is calming and meditative. These classes help to release tension and emphasise the connection between breath and movement. Suitable for all, including pregnant women.

Hatha: A hatha class to wind down for the evening. We will move through poses and finish with a long savasana. A nourishing class combining movement and stillness.

Postnatal Yoga: A parent and baby session focused on the parent, allowing you to move while your baby sits close by. A lovely way to connect with others in the community and gently work your body. Feeding, changing, and crying babies all welcomed!

Pregnancy Yoga: A calming flowing sequence of yoga poses to help with building strength and relaxation during the journey to motherhood 

Restorative: Restorative yoga is static and completely supported. We use props, blankets and bolsters to make you deliciously comfortable, so that your body and mind can find rest, something that we rarely allow ourselves during our busy lives. This is a powerfully nurturing practice which gives you a chance to really look after yourself and emerge with new vitality.

Vinyasa: This is a mindful, dynamic yoga practice. We coordinate movement with breath to flow from pose to pose, creating strength and balance between mind and body.

Yoga Shred®: Yoga Shred® is a mindful and super-effective fusion of yoga and better-aligned fitness moves that can give you 4 hours worth of results in just one hour. This class gives you all the balance, centring and endurance-based strength of yoga, infused with the superior cardio, muscle-defining and whole-body transformation that comes with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Every pose is suitable or modified for strong beginners and up. Get ready for the most fun you can have doing yoga and getting in your fitness, too!



Specialist YOGA classes

These classes run at 4-5pm and are designed to work with specific conditions, or in specialist areas.

Our first class is yoga for stress and anxiety. Mental health conditions affect 1 in 4 of us, and anxiety and depression are extremely common. This class will share techniques and coping strategies through movement and breathwork and provide a safe space for moving towards calm and relaxation.

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