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Breathwork Sister Circle

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This is an opportunity to experience the power of breathwork in a community for women and women-aligned. It’s a chance to check in with yourself and ask ‘How am I doing?’ Time to share and to connect on a deep level. Being heard and supported by other women unlocks our power and potential as individuals and as a community. 

Alchemy of Breath is a simple breath technique to increase the amount of oxygen coming into our body. It helps us drop out of our head and into our heart space. We connect more deeply to our physical body and to our energetic state. There will be a full introduction to the Alchemy of Breath technique. Benefits include:

  • Feel more calm, freedom and happiness

  • Access your inner confidence and creativity

  • Reconnect with your intuition and inner-guidance

  • Experience presence and wellbeing in your body.

Your Facilitator – Karen Iles

Karen discovered the healing power of Breathwork on a visit to Bali in 2014, when she was dealing with multiple personal challenges. After seeing her life, and particularly her personal relationships, change dramatically over the next two years, she signed up for the Alchemy of Breath facilitator programme. Karen is a yoga teacher in Oxford and has been sharing Breathwork with individuals and groups since 2017.

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Active birth workshop


An active birth describes a birth where a mother is encouraged to follow her natural birthing instincts. She is free to move and give birth in a position of her choice, using upright postures and the power of gravity to help her. She will feel empowered throughout the process and active in the decision making. 

In this workshop Sarah will give you the tools and confidence you need to have an Active Birth. 

We will: 

- Look at what to expect during the different stages of labour

- Practise labour and birth positions, along with breathing, relaxation and vocalisation techniques to use during pregnancy and labour. 

- Understand the physiological processes of birth and how the pelvis, uterus and the body’s wonderful symphony of hormones are perfectly designed to birth your baby. 

- Emphasise the role of the birth partner and practise massage techniques to use before and during labour. 

- Discuss the hour after birth, and the fourth trimester.

This is a workshop for pregnant women and their birth partners, but Mums on their own are very much welcome. 

Bring an open mind and wear comfy clothing! Tea and plenty of snacks will be provided, and there’ll be a break for lunch in the middle.

£45pp or £90 per pair/couple. Strictly limited to 10 participants to ensure a comfortable, nurturing environment.

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